TERE-STONE® is a cast filled polyester material with an ultra-high performance Terephthalic Resin combined with Dolomitic Limestone, whereas similarly cast products such as cultured marble utilize a standard inexpensive resin with a calcium carbonate filler. As a result, TERE-STONE® is significantly stronger and denser than cultured marble and over six (6) times more resistant to thermal shock cracking or crazing in the bowl area. Similar to solid surface products on the market, TERE-STONE® maintains consistent color throughout the base material, but also consists of an "NPG" Isophthalic Polyester Gel Coat specifically formulated for water, heat, chemical, stain and abrasion resistance, including cigarette burns, providing a high-luster finish that is easy to maintain.

- Vanity Tops with integral bowls that will not crack or craze
- Ten (10) Year Transferable Warranty
- Resistant to chemicals, stains, cigarette burns and abrasions
- High Luster Finish
- Surface color consistent throughout the base material
- Unlimited Design Capabilities and Color Selectionx

xTERE-STONE® is made to a set of standards that greatly exceed those of cultured marble or other similar types of material produced by any other manufacturer. We have found that the Terephhthalic Resin based matrix system provides the best resistance to thermal shock damage (the cracking or crazing that occurs around the drain area after years of normal use). Our products are tested to 3,000 "Thermal Shock" cycles of hot and cold water without failure while the industry standard calls for testing to only 500 cycles (ANSI Z124. This resin system, exclusive to TERE-STONE®, results in a product that is significantly stronger than cultured marble and over six (6) times more resistant to thermal shock.

Most manufacturers of cultured marble use Calcium Carbonate for the filler material, however TERE-STONE® utilizes Dolomitic Limestone since its crystalline structure is significantly harder. Liquid pigments are incorporated into the base material as dry powder pigments, utilized by cultured marble manufacturers, have a tendency to improperly "wet out". This creates dry pockets and voids throughout the product which can lead to gel coat cracking, thermal shock damage, etc. The "NPG" Isophthalic Gel Coat specifically formulated for TERE-STONE® provides a ultra-high luster finish that is easy to maintain.

Our high level of quality assurance and control, combined with the best raw materials, the skills of our dedicated craftsmen and the Taylor Industries transferable Ten (10) Year Warranty are your assurance that your TERE-STONE® product will retain its attractive appearance during years of trouble free use.